Tuesday, July 21, 2020

How to get Your First Client as a Real Estate Agent!

Getting started as a real estate agent may seem impossible and the question that a new real estate agent asks is always the same: how do I get clients?

Well, in this article we will try to answer this question!

Premise that buying real estate leads is the fastest and most practical method to get your first customers, let's see what are the steps to take if you have no budget to devote to purchasing them.

Step 1. Understand where the best leads come from. Before talking about tactics, there is one important thing you need to know about leads: The best contacts in fact, come from the people with whom you have cultivated a personal relationship. Mantienie develops these relationships, they could be worth gold for your future!

Step 2. Start with people you already know, maybe relatives and friends. Before letting the world know that you started a real estate agent career, let your acquaintances know! Do it discreetly and try not to be intrusive, you will see that some of them will become your customer or however will speak well of you around, remember, the dear and old word of mouth is still one of the best marketing methods in existence!

Step 3. Meet new people. In this sector you need to broaden your knowledge, try to make yourself known by as many people as possible and make sure that when people want to change or buy a house, they can contact you. Always leave your business card, your phone number and maybe the address of your website or a social network, when the time comes, if you made a good impression, people will come forward spontaneously!

Step 4. Once you have developed your lead generation strategy, it's time to turn it into a process, to make things easier and above all faster. To ensure that your strategy for acquiring new prospects is transformed into an automatic process, you must have the right tools. On the market there are many very useful software to make this happen successfully. One of these is for example mailchimp, email marketing software that allows you to build email marketing campaigns for your pre existing contacts. Not to mention the useful software to automate your social actions, such as automatically following profiles in your market niche or sending automatic welcome messages or news regarding your services.

Step 5. Get reviews. getting testimonials is one of the secrets of successful real estate agents, credibility in this as in many other sectors is fundamental. For this reason, never let your customers run away, always try to be ready for any request and you will see that they will be happy to speak well of you to their family and acquaintances. If you have a website and / or a social page, insert the testimonials of your customers and make sure that your new leads are able to read them!

Step 6. Try to buy real estate leads. Buy real estate leads is the fastest way to get highly targeted prospects potentially interested in one of your properties. But rely on serious agencies! This is essential for obtaining quality leads and truly interested in your services. About this we wrote an article: Buy real estate leads!


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